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Semi Permanent Make Up in Streetly, Sutton Coldfield

We all wish that we could wake up in the morning with professionally applied make up without any of the hassle, despite it seeming impossible. Semi Permanent Make Up, however, can make this dream a reality and is fast becoming the exciting future of the beauty industry.

Why choose Semi Permanent make up?

Semi Permanent Make Up uses hypoallergenic pigments to create a shadow of colour in the dermal layer of your skin. This revolutionary technology can be used to define your eyebrows and give your lips a soft and natural finish that effectively imitates perfectly applied make up.

You can choose for your Semi Permanent Make Up to be as subtle or as bold as you wish, enhancing your natural beauty and making your life significantly easier.

How is Semi Permanent Make Up applied?

Before we apply your Semi Permanent Make Up, one of our professional beauticians will discuss what you want from your Semi Permanent Make Up. We’ll then apply an initial shape and colour sample, so you know exactly how your Semi Permanent Make Up will look once it’s applied.

A topical anaesthetic will then be applied to the area to minimise any discomfort you feel as we tattoo the pigment into the skin. Once we’ve finished the process, a healing balm will be applied to the area.

In order to top up and maintain the colours of your Semi Permanent Make Up, you will need to make a second appointment.

How soon can I go out after having my Semi Permanent Make Up applied?

To a certain extent, this will vary from client to client, but generally, you can go about your everyday life straight away. Some clients may experience some swelling and redness, but this should be gone within 48 hours.

The colour of your Semi Permanent Make Up will be darker when it’s applied and lighten about 30% over time.

How long to the effects of Semi Permanent Make Up last?

The effects of Semi Permanent Make Up will vary from client to client, as the colour sits on the dermis of the skin. Generally, it will fade over a three to five-year period. You can maintain the freshness of your look by scheduling a retouch every two years or so.




Hairstroke effect - £250 (rrp £350)

Powdered - £250 (rrp £350)


Eyelash enhancement - £200 (rrp £300)

Eyeline thin or thick - £250 (rrp £350)


Lip line - £250 (rrp £350)

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